AXISSED” stands for “Association of Excellence for Innovation Studies, Sustainability & Economic Development". Our organization relies and counts on Lebanese brains, think tanks and determination.

AXISSED is established in 2022, with the aim and purpose to contribute to SMES’ transformation, economic reforms, and community development. And through its unique framework along with the commitment and engagement of its caliber human resources, AXISSED pledges to add value in providing the necessary talent and technical assistance for skills and country development purposes.

Vision: AXISSED is a leading hub for creation, innovation, transformation, and development on the business, community, and country levels.

Core Values

AXISSED appraises multiple values that as combined are considered the core soul of the organization. AXISSED, through integrity its team members shall be as all equal, and through accountability every member is held responsible for his/ her acts and duties. We believe that without setting the foundation of solid ground, the organization can not sustain and hold for its journey. Hence, the foundation of trust is the core of core values. All efforts shall be directed for the establishment of confidence among this organization stakeholders.

- Solidarity "AXISSED embraces the concerns and aspirations of its target groups".

- Accountability "AXISSED is accountable to all stakeholders".

- Partnership "AXISSED is committed to cultivating and building sustained collaboration and cooperation with other actors for innovative and sustainable economic development".

Mission: AXISSED is meant to design and implement funded projects and programs aiding the private sector to create and innovate, and assisting the public sector in its reform journey. Skills development through training and country's economic and social development through research and studies are AXISSED targetted mission.


Innovation for Youth, Startups & SMES

Government Reforms

Economic Advancement & Sustainability

Community Development